Horizon2020, Cities2030 (www.cities2030.eu); WP3 – Intelligence; Task 3.4 – Generate the project system thinking framework; D3.3 Systems Thinking Methodology

Cities2030 project, Horizon 2020


Deliverable D3.3 describes the process and results that embrace a methodological and logical framework for Cities and Regions Food Systems to apply Systems Thinking. The provision responds to the following questions: What are the issues in Cities and Regions Food Systems? Why is it important to find solutions to these issues? How to make sense of urban food systems' interconnections? What are scenarios and best solutions? The evolution of the D3.3 includes participatory activities, an application of pre-existing models, and pioneer exploitation of novel ICT tools. The results are leverageable in nearly all work packages of CITIES2030.


Cities2030 project, Horizon 2020